Assembly to set up working group on Common land

CALLS from common land farmers in Wales for the politicians and policymakers to listen to the people who know best have not fallen on deaf ears.

Following the plea at the inaugural Welsh Commons Forum annual conference, Assembly Rural Affairs Minister, Elin Jones, has set up a working group aimed initially at integrating common land into the Assembly’s new Glastir land management scheme.

The group is made up of representatives from a wide range of stakeholder organisations in Wales, with membership determined by individual experience and expertise.

“I made a commitment at the Welsh Commons Forum that I would put in place a framework to enable close working between my officials and commons graziers,” says the Minister.

“The Glastir Commons Working Group is an important part of that framework and I am pleased to see that progress towards bringing common land graziers into Glastir is progressing.

“The group has been established to provide a forum where outstanding issues and concerns that have been raised with me by common land graziers can be discussed and resolved.

“I look forward to receiving updates from the group in the coming months, and I am confident that it will play a vital role in ensuring the successful introduction of Glastir in 2012.”

In addition to exploring Glastir issues, the group’s terms of reference also include examining the possibilities of clearing commons between November 1 and March 31 each winter, livestock reduction to enable vegetation to recover; identifying areas where current proposals may need to be reviewed; and the setting up and development of commons associations.

Group members are:

Gemma Bumford, Trystan Edwards, Sue Evans, Nick Fenwick, Julian Golunski, Jenny Griffiths, Edward Harris, Lorraine Howells, Dafydd Jarrett, William Jenkins, Peter Lanfear, Gareth Lloyd, Maureen Lloyd, Philip Meade, Derek Morgan, Stuart Reid, Susan Perkins, Alice De Soer, Charles de Winton, Matthew Williams, Julian Atkins.

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