CropWorld 2010: 2012 target for new SDHI fungicide

CEREAL crops are likely to be the first to benefit from new SDHI fungicide chemistry that agrochemical manufacturer BASF is hoping to introduce to the market in 2012.

Speaking at CropWorld, the company’s senior technical manager for arable crop fungicides, Dr Martin Semar, said ultimately the intention was to introduce Xemium (fluxapyroxad) in a broad range of crops for use against a broad range of diseases.

BASF currently markets the SDHI fungicide boscalid, which will continue to be available.

Xemium would be formulated with different fungicide active ingredients from the BASF portfolio, including epoxiconazole and F500, said Dr Semar.

It had been tested on a range of crops worldwide, including oilseed rape, sugar beet and speciality crops such as grapes, fruit and vegetables.

In trials in the UK, conducted by NIAB TAG in 2009 across a range of winter wheat varieties, comparing the activity on septoria of full and reduced rate Xemium+epoxiconazole (Opus), reduced rate Xemium+EPX gave an extra 1t/ha yield compared with that from a full rate Opus treatment.

“In Xemium we are very happy to introduce an active ingredient which has very strong preventative and also very strong curative properties,” said Dr Semar.

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