Bonus payment for beet growers announced

THE NFU and British Sugar have announced details of a contract completion bonus payment for beet growers.

Provided they fulfil their contract, growers will receive £1.50 per tonne on their 2013/14 contracted tonnage, to be paid following the 2013/14 campaign and applying to both Contract Tonnage Entitlement (CTE) and Industrial Tonnage (ICE).

NFU Sugar says it has been highlighting to British Sugar the difficulties of this year’s campaign and the significant loss of confidence among growers.

Growers have faced challenging crop conditions and beet factories have had multiple performance problems resulting in a long campaign, further compounding problems on farm.

NFU sugar board chairman William Martin said: “We welcome the agreement reached with British Sugar which represents a positive first step in helping restore growers’ confidence in British Sugar’s commitment to UK growers.”

Growers that achieve their 2013/14 contracted tonnage will receive the completion bonus payments bringing the total equivalent payment to £28.01/t for CTE and £27.01/t for ICE.

Surplus beet tonnages will be £25/t as previously announced. The additional payment will not be made if there is a shortfall against contracted tonnage.

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