More cash for 'surplus' sugar beet

SUGAR beet growers are to get a better price for non-quota beet thanks to improved markets.

British Sugar and the NFU have agreed an enhancement to the 2011 contract under which the first 20 per cent of deliveries in excess of contracts will be paid at £21/tonne (plus freight and late delivery allowance).  

The new agreement covering non-quota or ‘surplus’ beet is similar to those used in some Continental markets.  UK growers’ current season interim price for non quota beet is just £13/tonne plus freight and late delivery allowance.

British Sugar says increased exports for non-quota sugar during 2009/10, an improved biofuel market, and revised crop yield forecasts have all contributed to the price development. 

It is only available to growers with a 2011 contract for 2011, but anyone without a contract can still lease or purchase tonnage via the normal leasing and transfer schemes. Growers wanting to take advantage and increase planted area are urged to order extra seed immediately.

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