Methiocarb slug control gets full label recommendation

NEW methiocarb slug pellets have full label recommendations for use in potatoes, cereals and oilseed rape, plus other vegetable and horticultural crops.

The Cobra brand pellets from Interfarm contain 4 per cent methiocarb, sourced from Bayer CropScience. Total maximum doses are 3.0-3.75kg/ha per crop and 3-11.5 kg/ha per season, depending on crop.

“With the high level of concern about metaldehyde appearing in water, growers are investigating alternative ways of controlling slugs,” says Dr David Stormonth, technical manager, Interfarm. “Being less soluble, methiocarb has less risk of water contamination, although we strongly advocate all growers applying slug pellets to read and adhere to Stewardship guidelines.”

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