Lower cost fertiliser alternative and liming agent

A THREE-IN-ONE fertiliser treatment aims to provide farmers with an affordable alternative to costly, manufactured alternatives.

Potassic Lime is being manufactured by 4Recycling Ltd and contains potash, sulphur and lime to act as a fertiliser and lime replacement on nutrient deficient land.

The product is a light brown, free-flowing material of consistently small particle size, aiding nutrient release and liming efficiency.

According to Rob Bolton, Potassic Lime is also very weather resistant, allowing it to be stockpiled weeks prior to application.

Range of crops

Applied to land by conventional spreaders in the spring or autumn the fertiliser is suitable for land growing a range of crops including oilseed rape, cereals, vegetable production and grassland.

“Its fast acting liming activity also helps to contain club root in brassicas and is a cost effective fire brigade treatment for pH correction,” Mr Bolton told visitors to Lamma.

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