HDC highlights benefits of working together

HORTICULTURE sector levy body HDC has published a document highlighting some of the many projects delivered through Defra’s Horticulture LINK project.

‘Impact on horticulture through collaboration’ illustrates the value of collaborative approaches to research and development, says HDC.

While no new work is being commissioned through the Horticulture LINK programme, HDC is still involved in many of the remaining projects, which are due to run until early 2015.

‘Tremendous’ value

HDC chairman Neil Bragg said: “We have published this review to highlight the tremendous value of collaborative approaches to R&D and the depth and breadth of projects funded through Defra’s Horticulture LINK scheme.

“Many of these projects have yielded results already taken up by industrial partners; others have generated new information which has led to continued development by academic partners into new crop sectors.”

HDC director Dr Bill Parker said as pressure increased on Government research spend, the need for greater co-ordination, collaboration and forward thinking was essential: “There are many key

issues facing the industry, based around broad areas such as water, soil, waste, energy and labour, while sustainability will become increasingly important.”

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