The aim is to delay drilling until a really good chit of black-grass is achieved and sprayed off, says Zantra’s Chris Bean.

Do not give black-grass a chance to recover

21 November 2014

THE next two weeks are ‘crunch time’ in the battle to control black-grass in this year’s wheat crop.


Increasing OSR yields to reduce production costs

21 November 2014

INCREASED yields are key to growing a profitable oilseed rape crop as they help reduce production costs. This was the message from Oxfordshire farmer James Price, who is hosting on-farm trials for the ‘3x3 Driving OSR Forward’ initiative.

BASIS to establish UAV training course

21 November 2014

A BASIS qualification is set to be introduced in 2015 for farmers and agronomists who wanted to use unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) the Drones for Farming conference was told.