Source: CropMonitor

Counting the cost of light leaf spot epidemic

1 November 2014

Yield losses in oilseed rape as a result of light leaf spot infection are estimated to be in excess of £140 million in 2014 following the severe epidemic in crops this summer. 

Good progress has been made with delayed drilling plans this week.

Good progress with autumn workload

31 October 2014

IN comparison to previous wet autumns, reasonably dry soil conditions this autumn have allowed growers to progress well with delayed drilling, stay on top of spray programmes and generally keep crops healthy, say advisers.

Restored wetland at Wicken Fen in Cambridgeshire is delivering more value than intensive arable land.

Delivering better returns as wetland than arable land?

31 October 2014

New research has calculated each hectare of land at a restored wetland site in Cambridgeshire is worth almost £130 per hectare (£53/acre) more per year as wetland than as arable farmland.