Values put on regulating OSR growth

6 March 2015

The benefits of oilseed rape green area index (GAI) assessment and subsequent canopy management were discussed at a briefing in Leicestershire, hosted by BASF. Martin Rickatson reports.

Pollen beetle migration is under way, but control thresholds have yet to be reached.  PICTURE: Syngenta

Use plant density to guide pollen beetle control decisions in OSR

6 March 2015

With pollen beetle migration usually occuring during March, oilseed rape growers are being advised to consider plant population and crop density before treating for the pest, in order to help manage resistance to pyrethroid insecticides.

Growers cutting back on early potato plantings in response to market fears

5 March 2015

Wet weather has meant early potato planting has so far been a stop/start affair. But while most growers will resume planting as conditions improve, overall the UK earlies area looks set to fall this season, as growers reduce their planned area in response to weak market conditions.