Gold Cup winner's cows give average of 11,687kg

THE winner of this year’s NMR/RABDF Gold Cup was Nick Cobb, who farms at West Chaldon Farm, Dorchester.

Part of a mixed farm on the Weld Estate, Dorset, Mr Cobb manages the 700-cow Holstein Chalclyffe herd with his 13 staff, which includes a team of six who milk three times a day through a 24-point rotary parlour.

The herd average for the year ending September 2007 was 11,687kg at 4.05 per cent fat and 3.11 per cent protein, with milk being sold through Dairy Crest on a Marks & Spencer contract.

Gold cup winner Nick Cobb
Credit: © FARMERS GUARDIAN please contact 01772 799445.
Gold cup winner Nick Cobb (right) with herd manager Paul Crocker (centre) and David Cobb (left).

The herd’s SCC stood at 140,000cells/ml, with a calving interval of 387 days and a replacement rate of 21 per cent. Heifers average 24.5 months old when they calve.

Runner-up was Iain McLean from Bushmills, on the Antrim coast. Mr McLean milks 100 cows with an average yield of 10,600kg at 4.23 per cent fat and 3.10 per cent protein.

The winner of the Lilyhill Cup, awarded to the highest placed Jersey herd in the competition, was A. Marshall from Guildford, Surrey.

A new award, going to the Gold Cup qualifying herd with the highest average lifetime daily yield (LDY), went to Chris Simmons from Kingswood, Gloucestershire.

His 260 cows achieved an average LDY of 19.34kg per day.

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