Deputy/vice president race - Gwyn Jones

CURRENTLY dairy board chairman, Gwyn Jones sets out his views on how the NFU should go forward as he fights for both the vice president and the deputy president.

Age: 55

Farm: West Sussex, 1,500 acres dairy/green energy. 700 cows plus followers, a 1 MW anaerobic digester power plant.

NFU positions held: For last six years, national dairy board chairman plus governance board and policy board. Previously council delegate, county chairman, county milk chairman, branch chairman.

Other relevant positions held: COPA milk vice chairman, COPA animal health group, FAWC Council, FAWC Ruminants group, FAWC Economics group.

Previously, MDC council, chairman MDC Genetics, chairman MDC farm management, member of Dairy UK board, chairman Dairy UK farmers forum, director Southern Farmers, chairman ‘Ruminators’ study group, chairman West Sussex Grassland, chairman Five Oaks Group.

Main interests outside farming: Motor racing, writing, politics, music, reading.

Tell us something surprising about you: I like cooking elaborate meals for friends when they come over for dinner parties.

Who is your hero? TE Lawrence (of Arabia).

Why are you the best person for the job?

I have a proven track record when it comes to teamwork, forging sound policy, persuading others to my point of view and most importantly – delivery.

Members are rightly concerned about profitability, the burden of regulation, bovine TB, disease responsibility and cost sharing; to name but a few.

As deputy president I would be much tougher and far more effective in negotiations and the struggle to deliver best outcomes for NFU members.

What would you change within the NFU to improve it?

Proper induction and training for elected farmer members and staff.

Better communications both within the organisation and with members.

Making sure the membership’s voice was heard by Officeholder team.

Standing shoulder to shoulder with Peter Kendall when really difficult decisions need to be made.

I would want the imminent NFU review to involve proper consultation with the membership through the regions.

What farming issue(s) would be your priority? 

CAP reform, regulation, bovine TB, responsibility and cost sharing are amongst a raft of very important issues – but the overriding factor for all farmers is the need to keep productive agriculture at the core of our lobby, and getting markets and in particular the supply chain to work effectively and deliver properly, ensuring a sustainable (ability to make profits and invest) future for our farming members.

Source: NFUTube

Gwyn Jones setsout his stall to East Midlands members in Uppingham on January 19.

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