Cornwall's cycle for charity

THEY’VE already been cycling for six days as part of a 400-mile adventure, and the end is near for 28 members from the Cornwall Federation of Young Farmers’ Clubs. Cycling ‘Tower to Tower’, the group departed from Tower Bridge in London last Saturday and will finish at Blackpool Tower ready for celebrations to begin later today.

Nicknamed the ‘WotNot’, the Federation has been undertaking similar endeavors for more than 20 years and it’s up to the county chairman to decide in what form the WotNot will take.

The WotNot has travelled to Northern Ireland, France, Belgium, Ireland, Holland and Majorca.

This year’s county chairman, Nicola Chegwidden, says that she had been thinking about her WotNot for years.

“When I agreed to be junior vice chairman three years ago I knew the time would come when members started asking me what I would be doing for my WotNot,” she says.

“I toyed with the idea of doing an outdoor adventure week such abseiling or rock climbing on Dartmoor ,but we ask other members, family and friends to sponsor us so there needs to be an element of hard work to a WotNot, hence the 400 miles of cycling.”

This year the WotNotters are raising money for Epilepsy Support for Young People in Cornwall and Epilepsy Action.

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