CLA Trust gives £52,000 to rural charities

COUNTRYSIDE charities benefited by around £52,000 last year from grants provided by the CLA Charitable Trust.

Projects receiving awards were aimed at young, disabled or disadvantaged people that promote access to and education about the countryside.

The last round of grants made in 2011 and totalling £11,800 were awarded to:

-The HACK Horse Sanctuary in Wrexham to help develop an animal care and administration programme for disadvantaged children.

-Heathrow Special Needs Farm, near Heathrow airport, for a new ramp and hoist for disabled riders.

-A horticultural training centre at the Harington Scheme in north London to replace equipment and machinery used by disabled people.

-The Magdalen Project, an organic educational farm in Somerset, for visits by disabled children.

-The Papworth Trust in Cambridge to improve a horticultural training centre for the disabled in the Ipswich docklands.

-Highfield Farm, Devon to help fit out a new training classroom for its young disabled and disadvantaged visitors.

-Future Roots, a care farm in Dorset, for a new polytunnel in the horticulture training area.

To apply for a CLA Charitable Trust grant in 2012, apply in writing during January, April, July or October with details of the project to: Peter Geldart, Hopbine Farmhouse, Ossington, Nottinghamshire, NG23 6LJ.

Donations can be made to the trust through Mr Geldart, as well as through covenants, wills and by supporting regional CLA fundraising events.

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