CLA in plea for new Government to support the rural economy

THE Country Land and Business Association (CLA) has issued a plea for the rural economy not to be forgotten when a new Government is formed in a hung parliament.

The Association called for all political parties, in whatever form the new Government takes, to give the rural economy the support it needs to fulfil its potential.

CLA President William Worsley said: “We need policies to help farmers and land managers continue to provide what society wants and expects from the countryside.

“This means having a Government that will fight for a Common Agricultural Policy that promotes both the production of food and a high quality natural environment; a Government that will introduce a planning system facilitating the development of small-scale business rather than frustrating it, and a Government that ensures that broadband of two megabits per second becomes a reality for all by 2012.”

He added: “We need the right framework to enable land managers to deliver the public goods that are core to the future of life in Britain: putting food on our tables, safeguarding our environment and tackling global warming.”

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