Chemical-free weed control

French engineering company Eco-Mulch premiered a brand new cultivator aimed at farms looking to tackle post-harvest weeds without reaching for the chemical can.

Eco Mulch
Credit: © FARMERS GUARDIAN please contact 01772 799445.

Called the Glyph-O-Mulch, and awarded a SIMA Silver Medal, the concept features a series of patented 1m-wide cutting blades. Operating to a depth of just 3-4cm, these slice through weed roots. At the rear, rotating tines operate at twice the forward speed of the tractor to ensure that all weeds remain on the surface to wither and die.

Available in working widths from 3-12m, the power requirement is low at just 15hp/metre.

Designed to work at speeds of 10kph, the 9m model at the show has an output of 8-9ha/hr an costs around 50,000 to 60,000 Euros.

The company is looking for an importer to bring it to the UK.

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