Charollais supreme at Totnes and District Show

Results from Totnes and District Show were:

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Supreme champion sheep at Totnes show, exhibited by Amy and Amelia Pedrick of Buckfastleigh.


Inter-breed (Panel of judges) Supreme, Sir S. Day, Trewint Jubilee Junior (South Devon); reserve, J. Harvey, Hillhead Vivila (Limousin).

Any other beef, Sup., J. Harvey, Hillhead Vivila; res., A. and A. Pedrick, Nimboboteigh Orchid.

South Devon, Sup., Sir S. Day, Trewint Jubilee Junior.

Commercial (C. McCabe) Sup., A. Bride (Limousin); res., A.W. Barron (Limousin x Belgian Blue).


Ayrshire (P. Hodder) Sup., E.S. Marnham, Helsett Masala.

Guernsey (P. Mills) Sup., R. Dunn, Rosewood Donna.

Dexter (R. Gabriel) Sup., B.T. Stamp and M.Y. Amil, Shilford Envoy.


Inter-breed (Panel of judges) Sup., A. and A. Pedrick (Charollais); res., R.F. Holmes (Suffolk).

Suffolk (Mr Derryman) Sup., R.F. Holmes.

Jacob (I. Coates) Sup., J. Dunning.

Blackface (P.H. Cornelius) Sup., W.J. Jordan.

Charollais (T. Guy) Sup., A. and A. Pedrick.

Whitefaced Dartmoor (R.T. Hutchings) Sup., M.J. Cole.

Devon and Cornwall (T. Tucker) Sup., J.A. Darke.

Greyfaced Dartmoor (J. Rogers) Sup., M.G.V. Thompson.

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