Biggar Show, Lanarkshire results

Results from the 2010 Biggar Show, Lanarkshire.

Champion of champions, Supreme, J. Tough (Texel).


Inter-breed, Sup., I. Goldie (Charolais).

Charolais, Sup., I. Goldie; reserve, J.P. Campbell and Sons.

Limousin, Sup., N. Cruikshanks; res., D. and R. Cornthwaite.

Simmental, Sup., D. Lowry; res., K. McCaig.

British Blue, Sup., A. and C.S. Comrie; res., J. Kennedy.

Highland, Sup., Glasgow City Council; res., J. McKay.

Beef cow with calf, Sup., S. Whiteford; res., T. Buteland.

Prime cattle, Sup., A. McGregor; res., A. Bothwell.

Any other breed, Sup., G. Matthews.


Holstein,Sup., E. Lawrie.


Inter-breed, Sup., J. Tough (Texel).

Texel, Sup., J. Tough; res., C. Garngour.

Border Leicester, Sup., P. Brown; res., D. Whyte.

Beltex, Sup., D. Cunningham; res., A. Baillie.

Charollais, Sup., A. and E. Lawrie; res., B. Radley.

Blackface, Sup., J.P. Campbell and Sons; res., D.C. and J.J. Marshall.

Blackface (Shepherd’s section) Sup., P. McNicol; res., W. Craig.

Bluefaced Leicester, Sup., I. Minto; res., A. Frame.

Scotch Mule, Sup., J. Warnock; res., D. Stewart.

Shetland, Coloured, Sup., Mr and Mrs Arbuckle and S. Meikle; res., C. Brockie. White, Sup., G.E. and J. Meikle; res., Mr and Mrs Arbuckle and S. Meikle. Overall, Sup., Mr and Mrs Arbuckle and S. Meikle; res., G.E. and J. Meikle.

Suffolk, Sup., I. and J. Barbour; res., S. and G. Brown.

Any other breed, Sup. and res., N. Pate.

Prime lambs, Sup., McCosh Brothers; res., J. Gibb.

Heavy horses

Clydesdale, Sup., A. Jackson; res., J. Rochead.

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