Big Chinese newcomer

Boasting a workforce of 50,000, Chinese tractor maker YTO claims to make 400 new tractors a day.

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While most of these are at the smaller end of the power scale, and many are destined for the home market, the Chinese giant is slowly establishing quite a reputation abroad, and especially in Europe.

The importance of the French show was highlighted with the premiere of a brand new 125hp tractor.

Called the X1254, it is actually based on a Fiat 120. YTO bought the tractor line 12 years ago and took it to China. It even shares the same front axles as certain models of today’s New Holland tractors. The exterior and cab come from YTO.

Although this latest model is available with a Chinese-made engine, customers can also opt for a Perkins version.

UK importer Rabtrak hopes to bring the first 125hp version to the UK soon. Before it does though the new tractor will get a rear linkage and pick-up hitch.

Other YTO news concerns a new more spacious and improved visibility cab on the 90hp 904.

The current tractor costs 39,000 Euros in France. YTO is now busy with the homologation of two even larger 150 and 189hp tractors for Europe.

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